Terms & Conditions of the Fixed Term Letting Agreement 2024/2025

Fixed Term Letting Agreement

If you are paying rent monthly  Rent must be paid at the beginning of each month.

Any tenants who break their lease or leave before the end of their lease will not be allowed to renew another lease with Riverwalk.

Agreement Dates

This agreement is for the academic year commencing 2nd September 2024 and ending on 23rd May 2025, unless previous arrangement has been made with Riverwalk Management. If alternative dates have been agreed, then this agreement is for the period from ____/____/________ to ____/____/________. If however the Tenant vacates the premises during the Lease period no refund of rent, deposit or Service charge will be made.


Approximately every six weeks, at the discretion of the management, the premises and apartment will be inspected. The Tenant will be informed if any work is required to be done or if the standard of cleanliness is not adequate and a time limit set for the carrying out of this work.


If there is any damage caused to the apartment or the premises, which is not due to fair wear and tear, or if any items are missing, the cost of the repair of the damage and/or the replacement of missing items will be the responsibility of the Tenant.


At the conclusion of the occupancy period the premises will be inspected by Riverwalk management. When the management has inspected the apartment and is satisfied with its condition the deposit will be refunded within 28 working days. The inspection will be carried out after the Tenant vacates the premises. If the cleanliness of the apartment is found to be unacceptable to Riverwalk management, an appropriate cleaning charge will be levied per apartment.


Rent Payment

There are three methods of rental payment: Advance payment in full, payment in two installments, and payment by monthly standing order The Tenant is responsible for ensuring that any standing orders go through on time and in full, and the Tenant must make sure to cancel their standing order after at the end of the academic year. There will be a €50 fine levied on the Tenant for each occasion that his/her standing order payment is: a) late; b) denied due to insufficient funds; c) processed after departure because the Tenant has failed to cancel it on time.

A €100.00 fine will be incurred if you are paying per term and rental is late.

Tenants who are staying the full academic year and are paying rent monthly (rental is to be paid on the 1st of every month).

Tenants who do not pay rental on time or are in arrears (There lease will be terminated, and they will be given 14 days’ notice to vacate Riverwalk)

All arears and rental due until the end of there lease is liable to be paid by the tenant or Guardian of the tenant.


Tenants who vacate Riverwalk before the end of their lease for any given reason will forfeit their deposit and any rental paid and will be liable to pay rental until the end of their lease.


There is a non-refundable services charge of €150 per Tenant and this must be paid as a separate payment upon arrival. This will cover the refuse collection for your apartment.


There will be no charges for water at present. The water charge will be the responsibility of the occupants if charges by Irish water occur. Please check out www.irishwater.ie. For more information.


Each apartment is metered separately for electricity supply and the Tenants of the apartment are liable for all electricity used in equal shares. The electricity is supplied by PINERGY and it is a pre-pay system therefore no electricity bills will be supplied.

Tenants who do not contribute equally to the electricity costs may result in their lease been terminated.

T.v licence

A valid tv license is required by law for every apartment at which a tv set is held. It is the responsibility of the tenants to purchase a TV license for their apartment.

Riverwalk do not supply televisions.


Moving rooms

Any Request for a Resident to move rooms will incur a €30 charge. This is payable immediately on request, subject to a room being available.



  1. To pay the rental in full or else in two separate instalments, or by monthly standing order, at dates determined by the landlord, which does not include heating and electricity and such deposit as may be required as arranged with the landlord or his agent.
  2. To pay electricity, and other charges that are not included in the rent.
  3. To pay €150 non-refundable services charge upon arrival.
  4. To pay for damage or loss caused by him/her or by guests to the premises.
  5. To permit the landlord or his agent access to the premises at all reasonable times.
  6. To supply Riverwalk management with his/her PPS number, his/her SETU student number, and to sign a Tenancy Registration Form.
  7. Not to hold parties on the premises, and not to play musical instruments, radios, televisions, or other sound producing apparatus in such a manner as to cause nuisance to the other Tenants of the apartment or the apartment block.
  8. To report immediately to the landlord details of any wiring defects, leaking pipes or structural damage to the premises that the Tenant may become aware of.
  9. To be bound by all fire safety and other regulations of the premises and to acquaint himself/herself with these regulations and with the emergency escapes routes and not to interfere in any manner with the fire and safety equipment. The unnecessary interference with the fire safety equipment or the discharge of fire extinguishers is considered a criminal offence and will be dealt with accordingly.
  10. Not to misuse or vandalise the lifts or other common areas.
  11. Only one visitor allowed per student. Not to permit visitors to remain overnight in any part of the premises, and to require all visitors to leave by 12.00 midnight, unless prior arrangement has been made with management. All visitors should be signed in with reception.
  12. To keep the interior of the apartment in a clean and hygienic condition. If the apartment is not maintained by the Tenant to a standard of cleanliness acceptable to Riverwalk management, management will arrange to have the apartment cleaned. The Tenant will be liable to pay for the cost of this cleaning.
  13. To allow the landlord or his agent to inspect the property with one week’s notice on a regular basis.
  14. To allow the landlord or his agent to enter the property without notice, should the landlord deem this necessary.
  15. Not to sublet any portion of the premises (Tenants are not allowed to have any guests stay overnight unless an agreement was made with management, they are allowed 1 guest to be signed in at reception until midnight) Any subletting will result in your lease been terminated with immediate effect.
  16. To take full responsibility for all contents within the properties and to pay for in full any damage or loss caused to such contents whether by the occupant themselves or any other person, intruder or otherwise. Riverwalk management is exonerated from all liability from any loss of valuables or personal belongings kept in or on the premises which shall remain at the sole risk of the Tenant. This includes any vehicle, motorcycle or bicycle parked in the car park and bicycle racks. It is advisable that the Tenants insures all personal belongings.
  17. Not to deface the premises, drive nails or drawing pins into the walls or woodwork of the premises, or to affix any form of sticky tape/adhesive/or oil-based blue/white-tack to plaster or woodwork.
  18. Not under any circumstances to part with possession of his/her keycard and to report any loss thereof immediately to Riverwalk management. The Tenant shall be liable for the cost of the replacement of any keycard (€15) that is lost or destroyed. In the event of lock outs outside office/on site security hours, a call out charge of €10 will be levied.  This charge is not applicable in the event of keycard failure.
  19. Not to cover wall vents or turn off extractor fans in toilets and kitchens, as these are required for ventilation under the Building Regulations.
  20. In the case of Tenants who smoke: to respect the wishes of any non-smoking Tenants with regard to smoking in apartments, and to smoke in moderation whilst inside the apartment so as not to cause discoloration or damage to furniture, fittings etc.
  21. Not to deposit rubbish or other refuse in the common areas of the premises, to remove all waste from the apartment on a regular basis and to make use of the common rubbish bins and recycling centre.
  22. Not to expose any bottles, containers, clothes, or other articles in the area of the windows of the apartment.
  23. Not to hang or permit to be hung any sign, poster, placard, flag, or banner in the premises or outside the premises.
  24. Not to keep or permit to be kept in or on the premises any dangerous, combustible, or unlawful substances and to report immediately the presence of such substances to Riverwalk management.
  25. In the event of defects becoming apparent, a written list of such matters should be submitted to reception during office hours.
  26. There are CCTV cameras in operation on site both outside and within the common areas of the apartment blocks. These cameras are provided for the security of all residents and the unnecessary interference with this equipment is considered a serious act of vandalism.
  27. In the event of the breach of any of the terms and conditions herein contained Riverwalk management may at its sole discretion revoke forthwith this Agreement and the Lessee shall vacate the premises on being given 14 days prior notice in writing.
  28. No pets allowed of any description this is forbidden and against the rules of Riverwalk




  1. To provide sound damp-free accommodation for the living needs of each Tenant including adequate locks, keys, cooking and heating appliances, sleeping accommodation and table.
  2. To provide adequate WC and bath/shower facilities
  3. To allow Tenants undisturbed occupancy of the premises, subject to A5, A13 and A14 above.
  4. To have repairs carried out, subject to A25 above.
  5. In the event of the breach of any of the terms and conditions, to give 14 days notice to terminate this agreement, as per A27 above.
  6. To give one week’s notice prior to inspecting or entering an apartment, whenever possible.